Bangs Birkin Basket | Pastel Pink

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The basket that Bangs Vintage is proudly offering you is a handmade rendition of the iconic Basket Bag as worn by Jane Birkin in the 60s' & 70s'.

It has the perfect size for storing a great deal of things. From the market to the office, this basket will always be on your side! The lid is attached to the basket that can rotate on and off and provides easy access to your items inside the basket. 

Each basket is handmade by Portuguese artisans and it takes approximately three days to make. The cane used for the basket is gathered and left to soak in water for a few days to soften before the fibers are bent and twisted into the form of the basket. 

The Bangs Birkin Basket comes with an iconic wrap-around Basket twilly scarf. Each Basket twilly is handmade in Amsterdam by locals made from 100% cotton. The twilly scarf can easily be unwrapped so you can customise your basket at any time of day, playful as you are. Inside the Basket, the golden Bangs label might catch your eye.

Height (from bottom to lid) - approx. 26 cm = 10.23 inch
Height (incl. handle) - approx. 40 cm = 15.78 inch
Width (lid) - approx. 24 cm = 9.45 inch

Please note that as all the baskets are handmade the precise measurements and natural coloration can differentiate.